Decorating to enhance your laminate flooring

Complementary Furnishing

Laminate flooring provides one of the most popular forms of flooring for modern households. It is available in a wide range of colours and styles and is relatively inexpensive whilst providing a long lasting, professional aesthetic.

Furthermore it is great for the DIY enthusiast as laminate flooring is relatively easy to install, often utilising a click system which does not require any adhesive.

Yet despite the many benefits of laminate flooring, it is essential to consider laminate flooring in a way that complements the room and to consider how the room can be decorated to enhance the laminate flooring. Read on for tips on furniture and colour programmes which work well with laminate flooring.

The Bedroom

In an open plan bedroom with lots of natural light, light pine coloured laminate flooring works brilliantly. This can be complimented using a white, cream and pastel colour scheme. One popular colour scheme is to use pine flooring pale green walls with long white draping curtains and white lampshades. This encourages light to enter the room, giving it a radiant energy which is always desirable when having to get up for work on a Monday morning. A few choice pieces of primary coloured furniture such as a bean bag and a red cushion can really work to set the room alight and pull a light colour pallet together.

When using a darker oaky coloured floor board, try and use wooden furniture which matches the tone of the laminate flooring. This will tie the room together with a rich woody theme. Again light walls, curtains and coverings will promote light in the room. Some deeper red and terracotta may be used to take the edge off and soften the ambience, providing colour and warmth.

The Bathroom

The Bathroom is a difficult space to master, but try to keep it simple. White porcelain bathroom furniture and chrome fixtures and fittings will tie the room together nicely. Either light or dark laminate flooring can be complemented with pale coloured walls such as pale yellow and blue. Laminate flooring is 100% waterproof so can be slippery when wet. Fluffy white bath mats look great, match the bath, shower and toilet tonally and provide an absorbent non-slip accompaniment to laminate flooring.

The living room

The living room is a fantastic space for expression. Rich dark mahogany flooring looks great with stately furniture and leather sofas. Some deep red cushions, soft furnishings and rugs will work well to bring warmth into the room. Alternatively a light pine coloured laminate flooring can be enhanced with a lot of primary colours, which can be expressed through lamps and soft furnishings.

When decorating the living room, it is essential to avoid too much bare floor space, especially around walls and in corners. Rugs and soft furnishing available from stores such as add a homeliness which is essential for a living room and will enhance both the aesthetics and the quality of laminate flooring.

This guide is not intended to replace the fitting instructions found in each pack you buy, always read the instructions carefully before you start laying the laminate flooring.