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Fitting Laminate Flooring

Fitting Laminate flooring yourself shouldn't be a problem if you have a few simple DIY skills. You'll need to prepare the floor, lay the appropriate underlay (or damp proof backing if you're laying over a concrete floor). Then lay the laminate strips and finally any trims you require.

If you know how many packs you'll need head over to a DIY site and see what colours and styles they have to suit your budget.

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Tools Required, Laminate Fitting Kits

You'll need Laminate floor fitting kit, a hammer, fine toothed saw, tape measure and some string, wood glue (if the floor will require frequent washing).

Floor Preparation and Underlay options

The floor should be flat, free from dust and dirt. Uneven floorboards should be leveled and any loose boards will need to be screwed down firmly before hand.

Concrete floors should be level, if not a floor leveling compound powder should be used to get a level smooth surface. A damp proof membrane will definitely need to be laid onto the concrete first before laying the underlay.

Two main types of insulation are a 2mm think foam sold on a roll 1m wide by 15m and thicker 7mm fibre underlay boards which provide better sound insulation and heat insulation.

Please see individual guidelines on the insulation packs you intend to buy.

Note. Before you lay the packs they should be opened and laid out in the room where they will be fitted for 48hrs. This will help prevent any warping due to changes in the moisture content of the room.

Fitting the Boards

Full instructions on fitting the particular type of laminate boards you buy can be found in every pack and should read before starting the job to be sure you know exactly what you're doing.

  • Remove all the furniture from the room
  • Lay a suitable underlay depending on the floor type.
  • Use a floor leveling compound if required
  • Using spacers begin laying the boards along one wall furthest from the door.
  • Check the row of boards using the string to be sure they are laid in a straight line
  • Start the second row with the cut off section from the first row as long as it it longer than 30cm, if you have an off cut less than 30cm use a new board cut in half to start the second row.
  • After 3 rows are laid and you're happy you can remove the last two rows and refit them using glue if necessary

The final row may need to be cut length ways to ensure a tight fit between spacers and the wall

This brief guide is for information purchases only and should not be used as a set of instructions for fitting laminate flooring. Consult the instructions carefully in your laminate packs for detailed fitting instructions.

Finally fit the skirting boards above the laminate, do not fill the expansion gaps with any material unless it specifically states in the instructions.

Laminate Fitting Kit

fitting kit for laminate floors
  • Use to fit laminate and layered flooring quickly and easily
  • Includes spacers, large pull bar and heavy duty knocking block
  • Includes 22 spacers to maintain expansion gap around perimeter
  • Includes a Pull Bar for pulling planks together at ends of rows
  • Includes a knocking block to protect edges of boards when tapping them together

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This guide is not intended to replace the fitting instructions found in each pack you buy, always read the instructions carefully before you start laying the laminate flooring.